Sunday, May 13, 2018

Kancha amer Misti Chutni / Ambol - Green / Raw Mango chutney

Summer is fully on and the heat makes us all tired but Bengalis always find some recipes for every season. Summer is no exception. This recipe is about the raw mangoes which are available especially this time of the year. This is called kacha amer chutney or ambol. The taste of this one is a fine balance between sweet and sour. It removes the bad effect of the summer heat and keeps us healthy.

Preparation Time: - 15 min


Cooking Time: - 30 min


Servings: - 2~3 persons (varies according to the consuming capacity)



    1. Raw Mango: 1
    2. Black Mustard Seed: 1 Tsp.
    3. Ginger: ½ inch finely chopped
    4. Cumin seeds: ¼ tsp
    5. Fennel seeds: ¼ tsp
    6. Panch phoron (Indian five spice blend): 1 tsp
    7. Dry Red Chilli: 1 (optional)
    8. Turmeric Powder: ¼ Tsp.
    9. Jaggery : ¾ cup or Sugar: 4 Tbsp. or as per taste
    10. Salt: as per taste
    11. Mustard Oil: 1 tsp. ( Since this is a traditional Bengali recipe I used mustard oil but you can use vegetable oil if you do not like the pungent smell of mustard oil ) 
    12. Water: 3 Cup


    1. Wash raw mango in running water. Peel and cut the Mango into small chunks discarding its stone. I prefer to retain a bit of the skin of the Mango. You can also remove the skin of the mangoes before chopping.

    2. Grate the piece of jaggery so that the amount is about ¾ cup. Keep aside.
    3. Chop the ginger and keep aside.
    4. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel /wok /kadai sufficiently in high heat and once hot, change the burner setting to medium.
    5. Temper the oil with dry red chilli, cumin seeds, fennel seeds and black mustard seeds. Adding dry red chilli is optional however, I prefer to temper the oil with a chilli for its aroma as well as for spicy taste.
    6. Now add Mango pieces and cook for 2-3 minutes in low flame.
    7. Sprinkle turmeric powder on to it.
    8. Add Salt, jaggery / sugar and mix properly.
    9. Add Water to cover Mangoes and then cook in low flame for around 10 minutes or till Mangoes soften.
    10. You can adjust the consistency of the chutney as per your choice by boiling the solution more or less.
    11. Roast panch phoron till you get a good smell, cool and dry grind it.
    12. Sprinkle this powder on the chaatni.
    13. Now take the Ambol / chutney out in a bowl and refrigerate and hour before serving.

Serve this as dessert with a traditional Bengali meal. In fact, you can have this after any type of meal.

As always please feel free to comment, criticize and seek if any help is required. I am all ears.

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