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Besan ke Laddu - Indian festival dessert made from gram flour

This is an Indian dessert usually made during festive times, Besan ke Ladoo is round ball shaped sweet made from gram flour or besan roasted with ghee in a kadhai, flavored with sugar and cardamom. Basically, there are two type of laddu – one made from Besan and other is made from Boondi which is called Motichur ki laddu as well. Ladoo, if stored well has a long shelf life so you can relish them for many days. You can make these ladoos on special occasions as well as whenever you wish to have a light Indian sweet, since it doesn't take much time to prepare. Decorated with almonds and pistachios, this ladoo recipe makes for a mouth-watering swwet on festivals like RakshaBandhan or Janmashtami.

Preparation Time: - 5 min

Cooking Time: - 25~30 min

Servings: - 5~6 persons


Please note that Cup here denotes 200 gm. material 

  1. 2 Cups gram flour
  2. ½ cup ghee or clarified butter
  3. ¾ cup sugar, powdered
  4. ¼ tsp green cardamom, powdered
  5. Blanched almonds, for garnishing
  6. Blanched pistachios, for garnishing


  1. In a kadahi (wok), melt the ghee and add the gram flour. Stir-fry over low heat. It takes about 30 minutes for the flour to get cooked through and it gets a pasty look when done. The nutty flavor indicates that roasting is finished.
  2. The color should be a light brown. Shut off the heat and leave the mixture to cool completely. If it does not cool entirely, it becomes moist when sugar is added.
  3. Either use readymade cardamom powder or take few pods of green cardamom with the help of pestle and mortar, dehusk them and grind to make powder.
  4. Add the sugar and cardamom and mix well by rubbing it with your open palm against the base of the bowl. Rub till blended thoroughly.
  5. Shape into tight, hard balls, pressing hard at every stage. At the final stage, keep it pressed a little longer, so that the surface becomes smooth.
  6. Blanch the almonds and pistachios in arm water.
  7. Decorate the top of each ball with almonds and pistachios.

Now your yummy besan ke laddu is ready to consume…. eat as much as you can.

Please note the following facts about the recipe.

  1. If you dry roast the besan and then add ghee , it would be easy to time the roasting. Otherwise you will keep stirring consistently.
  2. You need to roast the gram flour in low flame. Otherwise the risk of burning the mixture may arise.
  3. If it is becoming difficult to form the round shaped ball after the mixture cools off you can keep it in refrigerator for  20-30 min to solidify the Ghee and it will help you to bind the balls properly.
  4. These ladoos can be stored for almost 4-6 weeks in an air tight jar.
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